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Fire EMS Page

Dubln Airport May 2023

Dublin Airport Fire & Rescue Service "Ambulance 2" seen on an EMS call for a ill passenger in early May.

County Clare 29th December 2022

Fire crews responding to a medical emergency in East Clare on Thursday were prevented from reaching the scene because of irresponsible parking at a popular amenity. Clare County Fire and Rescue Service personnel from Killaloe station had been requested to assist the National Ambulance Service by responding to the medical emergency at Ballycuggeran Hill.

The area is very popular with hillwalkers and has been particularly busy over the holiday period. On arrival at Ballycuggeran Hill carpark, fire crews found their way blocked by cars, preventing them from getting their fire appliance beyond the carpark area to the scene. As a result, fire crews had to make their way to the casualty on foot. ~The Clare Herald

For Full Story See The Clare Herald Linked Below

CLICK HERE for The Clare Herald News Story

Dublin 23rd November 2022

Dublin Fire Brigade Tallaght Fire Stations' Alpha 2 and Advanced Paramedic Unit seen attending an EMS call in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre on Wednesday 23rd November. A Dublin Fire Brigade Ambulance quickly followed both vehicles.

Dublin Airport 22nd August 2022

Dublin Airport Fire & Rescue Service Ambulance "Amb 2" seen seen airside on Tuesday 15th November.

County Monaghan 22nd August 2022

Carrickmacross fire brigade assisting National Ambulance Service at an incident in Carrickmacross Monday morning 22nd August. ~@monaghan_fire Twitter

County Louth 22nd June 2022

Greenore Coast Guard, Dundalk Ambulance Station, Dundalk Fire & Rescue Service and Irish Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue 116 were involved in rescuing and assisting in airlifting a hiker from Jenninstown mountain Wednesday evening 22nd June. The person had a suspected leg injury and were flown to hospital. ~Greenore Coast Guard Twitter

Dublin 3rd June 2022

Multi agency response Friday 3rd June to a medical incident on Dollymount beach in Dublin. Crews from Howth Coastguard, Kilbarrack fire station and the lifeguard service utilised all terrain vehicles to access the incident. ~@DubFireBrigade Twitter

County Wicklow 4th April 2022

Greystones Fire Station Monday evening 4th April attended a Cardiac Arrest call with a positive outcome in the town. Well done to all in attendance.

Dublin January 2022

Dublin Fire Brigades' "Alpha 1" Tallaght Fire Station, DFB Ambulance "Delta 1" Rathfarnham Station and the Advanced Paramedic Unit from Tara St seen attending an EMS call in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre recently.

Northern Ireland January 2022

A scheme which would see fire crews dispatched to support the NI Ambulance Service in some medical emergencies is being considered. A pilot previously saw the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS) sent to suspected cardiac calls in Lurgan in 2016. Discussions are underway about a similar model being rolled out. It means local firefighters may arrive ahead of paramedics to administer potentially life-saving treatment. This could be CPR and defibrillation.

For Full BBC News Story Click Link Below

CLICK HERE for Full News Story

County Kerry January 2022

Sinn Féin TD for Kerry, Pa Daly, has welcomed confirmation from the National Ambulance Service (NAS) that fire and rescue service personnel can be deployed as first responders. Teachta Daly said that the key area where this new protocol can be used is combating cardiac deaths. “Every second counts when people have a heart attack and the ability of trained fire services personnel to respond has the potential to save lives,” he said.

Calling for Serious Engagement “The NAS confirmation must now be followed by serious engagement on the part of Kerry County Council, who are ultimately responsible for fire services in the county. “That engagement must be swift, considering the massive pressure on the ambulance service. Central government must also play a role and I have previously called for greater resources to be provided to both the fire service and National Ambulance Service in Kerry. County With Three Peninsulas

“The high degree of peripherality in the county, which has three peninsulas, means response times can be lengthy. There is a required level of service we need to keep people safe in Kerry, and all stakeholders must seize the opportunity today’s news presents,” Teachta Daly concluded. 

County Galway December 2021

A Galway Senator had moved to request the Minister for Health and Galway County Council that firefighters in the retained Galway Fire Service be deployed as first responders in cardiac arrest cases to back up the ambulance service. The move comes following yesterday's announcement by Deputy Pádraig MacLochlainn, indicating that the HSE have approved firefighters in Donegal to respond to cardiac calls to assist the ambulance service.

Galway Senator Ollie Crowe said "The Fire Service has the capacity and ability to do this and in cases of cardiac arrest, any time at all that can be saved in getting people to the hospital can make a huge difference and potentially save lives." Some retained fire services around the country currently undertake first responder roles for cardiac arrest to assist the NAS, however, the system is different in each fire authority.

Galway City itself which is a fulltime station and one retained station in County Galway respond to CFR callouts. In County Laois, all eight fire stations provide CFR along with two stations in County Offaly and at Angelsea Street in Cork City. Dublin Airport Fire Service provide the service across the airside campus and business park. Emergency Times understands most of those listed above who provide CFR callouts do so as a normal turnout, and rightly so, whereas one brigade in County Carlow currently provides the life saving CFR service voluntarily, but in an official capacity.

Given the recent statement by the National Ambulance Service of the pressure its undergoing, and the strain on the very valued personnel and resources across the ambulance service, firefighters in other parts of the country left out of the life saving loop are all agar to be made available to respond to cardiac first responder calls within their communities. ~Emergency Times Facebook Page

County Donegal December 2021

Donegal Fire & Rescue Service has been given the green light by the HSE National Ambulance Service to be deployed as first responders for cardiac arrest calls for the ambulance service. Donegal TD Pádraig MacLochlainn, who raised the issue with the Minister for Health, has received written confirmation from the National Ambulance Service.

Donegal County Council is now being called upon to engage with the NAS to ensure trained firefighters & first responders across the county can be deployed to assist the ambulance service. Many firefighters in Donegal have expressed their support and desire to back up and support the ambulance service in the county for many years, as emergency first responders. In its response to TD MacLochlainn, the HSE said 'most fire services are retained which means each callout carries significant cost to the local authority in question.'

“We understand that some local authorities have experienced a significant decline in fire-related callouts which means that they have been able to re-direct resources to enable staff to respond to medical emergencies in a first responder capacity,” the NAS said. It is now hoped that other retained fire services across the country will be allowed follow suit and provide the same service to the National Ambulance Service as their colleagues in Donegal are now allowed to do.. ~Emergency Times Facebook Page

County Cork 29th December 2021

Ballyvolane Fire Station attended a difficult and technical extraction of a patient from Blarney Castle, County Cork on Wednesday 29th December. As always great interagency work with National Ambulance Service (NAS) and the Irish Coast Guard Helicopter "Rescue 115" Shannon base to give the patient the best care possible. ~@CorkCityFire Twitter

Cork City 24th December 2021

Christmas miracle: Child brought back to life by Cork fire services

A little boy was brought back to life Christmas eve 24th December. Both Cork City Fire Brigade and the National Ambulance Service were called out to the job and arrived at the same time at around 7pm. They were greeted by the sight of the boy’s mother running from the house near Beaumont, south city centre, carrying her boy in her arms. The boy was placed in the back of the ambulance and Cork City Fire Brigade’s Kevin McMahon, who has been a firefighter since 2013, and a HSE paramedic began CPR on him. They had to use the defibrillator twice and eventually managed to bring him back to life. The boy, who is believed to be aged around 5, was then rushed to Cork University Hospital where his condition is described as stable.

Firefighter McMahon was part of a three-man crew that had attended the incident. They included an officer, and new recruit Brian Blackwell. They are part of Green Watch, whose shift started at 6pm this evening and they will be working until 9am tomorrow morning. Cork City Fire Brigade Second Officer Victor Shine said: “I can confirm that a member of our crew was involved in helping save this little boy’s life. “It was great for our crew to get to the emergency as quickly as they could.” Third Officer Gerry Myers told the Irish Examiner: “We got the cardiac call and sent our emergency first responders in one of our vehicles. “They arrived at the same time as the ambulance. “The mother came running out of the house with the little boy in her arms. “I am so proud of what our lads did and especially Kevin. “It’s also great to be able to have a good news story to talk about, especially with it being Christmas Eve.”

~Taken from Irish Examiner online wrote by Neil Michael

Dublin October 2021

Phibsboro Fire Stations  Alpha 1 seen attending an EMS call on Dublins Abbey Street

County Tipperary 24th April 2021

Scene of an Inter Agency operation Saturday morning 24th April involving Thurles Fire Station, National Ambulance Service, Gardai and Irish Community Air Ambulance at a farm yard in County Tipperary.

County Monaghan 14th April 2020

On Tuesday 14th April Clones Fire Brigade assisted National Ambulance Service with a call involving a patient.

Dublin 8th March 2020

Scene of a Multi Agency Rescue at the Poolbeg lighthouse on Sunday 8th February involving Irish Coast Guard, RNLI, Dublin Fire Brigade & National Ambulance Service . DFB Advanced Paramedic Eithne Scully was winched to Rescue 116 & travelled to hospital with the patient. ~@DubFireBrigade Twitter

Dublin Airport February 2020

Dublin Fire Brigade Ambulance Service attended Dublin Airport recently to assist Dublin Airport Fire & Rescue Service at an EMS case. Dublin Airport Police Service also assisted. ~@DubFireBrigade Twitter

County Dublin 10th January 2020

Dublin Fire Brigade Kilbarrack Station Ambulance being assisted by Skerries Fire Station at an EMS call on Friday 10th January

County Wicklow 13th July 2019

The path from Raheen car park to Bray Head can present underfoot hazards. On Saturday 13th July Bray Fire Crew worked with members of Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue to carry a casualty with a leg injury to a waiting National Ambulance from Loughlinstown. ~@FireWicklow Twitter

Dublin Airport April 2019

Dublin Airport Fire & Rescue Service "Rescue 11" & "Ambuance 2" seen attending an EMS call at the Airport recently

Cork City 17th July 2018

Some great interagency work with the National Ambulance Service at an Incident in Cork City. Safest exit from the building for the patient and our crews was through a bedroom window on Tuesday 17th July. Patient was unresponsive on arrival, treated then sent on their way to hospital. ~ @CorkCityFire Twitter 

County Cork 5th May 2018

West Cork Rapid Response Doctors, National Ambulance Service, Cork County Fire & Rescue Service Bantry Station and Irish Air Corps Aeromedical Helicopter seen near Bantry recently following a farm accident on Saturday 5th May. ~@WestCorkRR Twitter

County Galway 13th April 2018

Firefighters from Clifden Fire Station, County Galway seen on a Medical Assist Call on Friday 13th April. The Irish Air Corps Aeromedical Helicopter also attended the scene.

Galway City 24th January 2018

On Wednesday 24th one of Galway City's National Ambulance Service Crews were again assisted by Galway Fire and Rescue Service for a patient who was injured on the fourth story of a building under construction and needed to be extricated. Galway City Fire Station were on hand with their Bronto Skylift to safely move the Patient to ground level. Great team work shown by everyone involved! ~Galway Ambulance Service Facebook

Dublin December 2017

Delta 54 (Finglas Fire Station Ambulance) seen attending a recent EMS case in Dublin. 

Delta 54 was 1 of 5 NEW Ambulances Dublin Fire Brigade recieved in late 2017 to replenish older Ambulances

Waterford City September 2017

Blue watch we're tasked earlier September to assist Waterford Ambulance Service with the safe removal of a casualty in a precarious position from a dangerous and inaccessible area. Plenty of manpower was needed for the lift over rough terrain and all ended well for all involved. Good professional interagency work once again by the City's Emergency Services. No job too small or too difficult. ~Waterford City Firefighters Facebook

County Kerry 25th July 2017

On Tuesday 25th July a Tourist had a fall on cliff edge in Dingle, County Kerry resulting in a ankle injury. Dingle Fire Station attended the scene to assist National Ambulance Service Paramedics with patient lift

Dublin 25th July 2017

29 year old cardiac arrest Tuesday 25th July. By-stander CPR, Fire EMS response from Phibsboro including Advanced Paramedics. #ROSC on scene. ~@DubFireBrigade Twitter

County Cork 29th May 2017

Castletownbere and Bantry Fire Crews seen assisting the National Ambulance Service & the Irish Air Corps Aeromedicial Helicopter "AirCorps 112" on Monday 29th~@BantryFire Twitter

Dublin 28th May 2017

Kilbarrack's A Watch seen providing fire cover for Coast Guard Helicopter "Rescue116" on landing in Beaumont Woods in Dublin for patient transfer to Beaumont Hospital on Sunday 28th May. ~@DubFireBrigade Twitter

Dublin 28th May 2017

Rathfarnam Ambulance & Fire Engine seen on an EMS call on Sunday 28th May~@DubFireBrigade Twitter

County Cork 27th May 2017

Bantry Fire Station seen assisting the National Ambulance Service and Irish Coast Guard Helicopter "Rescue 117" on Saturday 27th with a patient rescue. ~@BantryFire Twitter 

Dublin 15th May 2017

Multiple Agencies seen attending an Irish Coastguard Helicopter landing Monday 15th near Beaumont hospital. DFBs Kilbarrack Fire Engine, Howth Coastguard, Swords Ambulance & Gardaí attended. ~@DubFireBrigade Twitter

County Clare 15th May 2017

An Air Canada flight AC-849 from London’s Heathrow Airport to Toronto in Canada diverted to the mid-west airport after the crew declared a medical emergency. The Boeing 777 jet was about 400 kms north west of Mayo when the crew turned around.

The flight rerouted to Shannon with cabin crew members battling to resuscitate the elderly woman. The flight landed safely at 5.15pm and was met by airport emergency services and National Ambulance Service paramedics. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene and the county coroner informed
~Pat Flynn / The Clare Herald

County Clare 8th May 2017

On Monday 8th May an 88-year-old man died after the Delta Air Lines flight on which he was travelling from Amsterdam to the US diverted to Shannon Airport in County Clare. Shannon Airport Fire & Rescue Service attended as the plane landed. ~Pat Flynn / The Clare Herald

County Clare 8th May 2017

Photos Used with Permission of Pat Flynn

Shannon Fire Service were called to an 'ambulance assist' call at Bunratty Castle. It had been reported that a person had broken their leg at the top of the castle. This however was not the case. A person was treated for a minor arm injury nearer ground level and did not require hospitalisation. National Ambulance Service also in attendance. ~Pat Flynn

County Monaghan 3rd May 2017

Joint Emergency Response to an incident in Castleblayney, County Monaghan on Wednesday 3rd May following an incident on a farm. National Ambulance Service,  Castleblayney Fire Station and Air Coprs 112 Helicopter attended. One casualty transported to hospital 

Belfast 2nd May 2017

Scene of a medical emergency at Belfasts Cave Hill on Tuesday 2nd May after an elderly man had taken ill. Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service assisted Northern Ireland Ambulance Service & Police. 

Dublin 13th April 2017

B Watch from Finglas with Phibsboro's Rescue Tender seen rescuing a person with injuries as a result of a fall using the Hiab in Dublin on Thurdsay 13th April. ~@DubFireBrigade Twitter 

County Cork April 2017

Cork City National Ambulance Crews seen attending a recent incident.They were assisted on scene with patient extraction by Cork City Fire Brigade Crews. ~@NASAmbulance Twitter

Dublin 10th April 2017

A Dublin Fire Brigade Turntable Ladder, Advanced Paramedics, Ambulance from C Watch Tara Street Fire Station seen at a medical call today 10th April in Dublin~@DubFireBrigade Twitter 

Dublin 8th April 2017

Over the phone instructions from DFB 999 control room, good by stander CPR, defibrillator & an advanced paramedicon 1 of DFBs Fire Engines resulted in a ROSC on Grange Castle Golf Course on Saturday 8th April. It helps the patient if early CPR is started. Play golf? Learn CPR, you could save a life~@DubFireBrigade Twitter

County Monaghan 1st April 2017

Joint agency emergency response by Monaghan Fire Service, National Ambulance Service & the Irish Air Corps in Monaghan on Saturday 1st April. ~@monaghan_fire Twitter 

County Meath 1st April 2017

National Ambulance Service Ardee Ambulance, Rapid Response Vehicle seen attending a farm accident with Meath Fire Service and Aircorps112 on Saturday 1st April. ~@NASAmbulance Twitter 

County Waterford 23rd March 2017

Waterford Ambulance Crews working with Waterford City Fire Crews to remove a patient from a height on Thursday 23rd of March. ~@NASAmbulance Twitter

County Cork March 2017

A Cork City Ambulance & Youghal RRV seen attending to a incident recently. They were assisted by Cork County Fire Service (Possibly Carrigaline) & Gardai~@AmbulanceNAS Twitter

Dublin March 2017

North Strand Fire Engine providing fire cover for an Irish Coast Guard helo landing near Beaumont Hospital recently. ~@DubFireBrigade Twitter

County Down 27th February 2017

Fire Crews from Red Watch Knock along with Comber and Newtownards seen here assisting Northern IrelandAmbulance Service with 79 old casualty who had dislocated his hip on Monday 27th February. ~@nifrseast Twitter

Dublin 13th February 2017

Pre-hospital ROSC achieved Monday 13th on a patient in West Dublin. Integrated Fire / EMS response (D72 & D74 Tallaght Fire Station) and DFB Advanced Paramedic car responded. ~@DubFireBrigade Twitter

County Clare 29th January 2017

Photos Used with Permission of Pat Flynn

Emergency crews were standing by at Shannon Airport this afternoon for a transatlantic jet that was forced to divert with an ill passenger. United Airlines flight UA-107 was travelling from Munich to Washington with 174 passengers and crew on board. The Boeing 767-400 jet was over 300 kilometres north west of Donegal when the crew turned around and sought clearance to divert to Shannon.

The flight touched down shortly before 2.00pm and taxied directly to the terminal where airport personnel and National Ambulance Service paramedics were standing by. The passenger was removed to hospital for treatment although there are no details available on their ailment or condition.~Pat Flynn / The Clare Herald

County Waterford 28th January 2017

White Watch were on hand Saturday Evening 28th January to lend a hand to remove an injured walker from Rescue 117 at Ballinakill, Great interagency work yet again with An Garda Síochána Waterford Ambulance Service and Dunmore East Coast Guard. ~Waterford City Fire Service Facebook

Dublin 27th January 2017

Dublin Airport Fire & Rescue Service Ambulance seen outside Terminal 1 at Dublin Airport on an EMS run on Friday 27th January

County Waterford 18th January 2017

Thanks to our colleagues at Waterford City Fire Service for their assistance at a medical call today. 2 National Ambulance Service (NAS) crews attended the call, all working together to improve patient care. ~Waterford Ambulance Service Facebook

Dublin 18th January 2017

Wednesday 18th January Kilbarrack and North Strand Fire Crews provided fire cover for the Irish Coast Guard helicopter landing in Beaumont Woods, Dublin with a patient transfer.~@DubFireBrigade Twitter

County Waterford 10th January 2017

Waterford City Firefighters seen assisting their colleagues in the National Ambulance Service to access an area on an EMS call in Waterford on Tuesday 10th January. ~Waterford Ambulance Service Facebook 

Dublin 20th December 2016

Fire / EMS response to a bicycle v car RTC in Goatstown Tuesday 20th December. Possible collarbone fracture, no head injury, the helmet took the damage. ~@DubFireBrigade Twitter 

County Meath 13th December 2016

Meath Fire Service working with colleagues in the National Ambulance Ambulance Service attending to a casualty, who was airlifted to Tallaght Hospital on Tuesday 13th December. ~@MCCFireService Twitter

Dublin Fire Brigade Ambulance 'Delta 74' Tallaght Fire Station seen on an EMS run at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre on Sunday 20th November 2016

Delta 34 Phibsboro Fire Station seen outside Tara St Dart Station on Thursday 10th November on an EMS run

Dublin Airport Fire & Rescue Ambulance on an EMS on Friday 4th November outside Dublin Airport Terminal 1 at 5am

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